In addition to providing training services, we also operate as a sales outlet for products and equipment within our areas of expertise.

This gives us the advantage that not only are we able to provide competitive prices and supply of the products but we are also able to advise and recommend the best products that would suit the required application.

We are also available to attend your site to be able to offer further recommendations of the most suitable equipment.

Muay Thai Equipment

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  1. Hayabusa Pro Training Elevate Focus Mitts - Micro

    $164.95    Buy

    Introducing Hayabusa’s New Pro Training™ Elevate Collection. Every element of these pads have been designed to ensure an unrivaled feel for both striker and trainer.

  2. Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards

    $109.95    Buy

    Fairtex Competition Muay Thai Shin Guards have a stitch-free or open system shin and foot protector alleviates the pressure stitching puts on your foot that can cause injuries and uncomfortableness. These can be used in amateur competition as there are no metal loops.

  3. Hayabusa Wrap Wash Bag

    $10.95    Buy

    Keep your Hayabusa handwraps clean, together and tangle-free in the washing machine with the convenient new Hayabusa Mesh Wash Bag. Increase the longevity of your handwraps with added protection during washings.

  4. Fairtex Fabric Shin Pads

    $54.95    Buy

    Fairtex Fabric Shin Pads are constructed of high impact padding to protect your shins and feet. They allow you to easily move and come with an elastic loop for tightening.

  5. Hayabusa Ankle Supports

    $27.45    Buy

    Support where you need it.

  6. Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai 16oz Gloves

    $164.95    Buy

    Introducing the new Pro Muay Thai Collection, constructed with an authentic Thai design and bold look.

  7. Hayabusa Ikusa Charged 10oz Gloves Black/Red

    $164.95    Buy

    The NEW Ikusa® Charged 10oz Gloves drive performance and support hand and wrist protection better than other gloves on the market.

  8. Fairtex FMV1 Classic Pro Focus Mitts

    $164.95    Buy

    Fairtex Classic Pro Focus Mitts feature extra soft padded hand compartment design for ultimate comfort and to help avoid jammed fingers.

  9. Fairtex FMV9 Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts

    $164.95    Buy

    Fairtex Ultimate Contoured Focus Mitts features the unique contoured hand compartment that is ergonomically engineered to fit naturally to the trainer’s hands, minimizing wrist injuries and fatigue during extended use.

  10. Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves

    $153.95    Buy

    Fairfax Muay Thai Gloves are a brand new design with long hand cuff.

  11. Fairtex Tight Fit Universal Muay Thai / Boxing Gloves Pink

    $153.95    Buy

    Fairtex Tight Fit Universal Muay Thai Gloves are ergonomically engineered with a unique contoured and tight-fit hand compartment designed to provide a secure and snug fit.

  12. Fairtex Cotton Hand Wraps

    $27.45    Buy

    Fairtex Cotton Hand Wraps are semi-elastic wraps which custom fit to each hand for the best protection available.

  13. NO STINK - Glove Deodoriser

    $16.45    Buy

    No Stink Deodoriser; the perfect solution for extending the life of your sports gloves, whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free!

  14. NO STINK - Shoe Deodoriser

    $16.45    Buy

    No Stink Deodoriser; the perfect solution for extending the life of your favourite footwear, whilst keeping them fresh, dry and stink free!

  15. Hayabusa Pro Muay Thai Shin Guards

    $164.95    Buy

    The Pro Muay Thai Shinguards are specifically designed with elevated, pre-curved padding for maximum protection when blocking and executing strikes. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit and can withstand the most rigorous training sessions. The fully-integrated hook and loop closure optimizes fit, safety and comfort.

  16. Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Shin Guards

    $153.95    Buy

    The NEW Ikusa® Charged Full Back Striking Shinguards delivers the mobility and protection you need.