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LED Lenser

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  1. Intelligent Clip

    $14.00    Buy

    Adaptor for LED Lenser Torches to be able to clip torch to your belt.

  2. Signal Cone Adaptor

    $12.00    Buy

    Easily attached this signal cone will turn your LED Lenser torch into the brightest emergency beacon.

  3. H7.2 LED Lenser Headlight

    $105.00    Buy

    The H7 Headlight is light-weight, long-lasting and has a great reach.

  4. K3 LED Lenser

    $30.00    Buy

    Weighing in at only 36g, the K3 offers dependable light output in a micro sized package.

  5. M7 LED Lenser

    $130.00    Buy

    Part of the Multifunction Series the M8's features are easy to use with only one single tail cap switch.

  6. X21.2 LED Lenser

    $695.00    Buy

    The largest torch of the LED Lenser range the X21.2 will brighten your night in a spectacular way!

  7. X14 LED Lenser

    $270.00    Buy

    From the 'Xtreme' series this newly developed torch comes with two synchonised light sources which emit an incredibly powerful light.

  8. P17.2 LED Lenser

    $165.00    Buy

    The second largest of the Led Lenser range this torch is all about outstanding performance.

  9. P14.2 LED Lenser

    $125.00    Buy

    For those who want a little more 'oomph' in their hand this torch has it all!

  10. P7.2 LED Lenser

    $105.00    Buy

    This compact torch offers great range, energy efficiency and lumens whilst being great to carry anywhere you go.

  11. P6.2 LED Lenser

    $95.00    Buy

    Also from the 'professional' series the P6 offers you greater range whilst still being compact.

  12. P4 LED Lenser

    $38.00    Buy

    From the 'professional' series comes this great little torch, small enough to fit into your shirt pocket.