COVID-19 Management Plan

As it has always been, the safety and security of our students and staff remains our highest priority. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic we are taking additional measures developed in conjunction with advice from public health authorities (including World Health Organisation (WHO) and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to make our hygiene protocols even more rigorous.

COVID-19 Management Plan

Eagle Training Services NT is considered an essential service under the category of tertiary education and therefore needs to comply with the Chief Health Officer (CHO) Direction No. 55: Directions for mandatory vaccination of workers to attend the workplace.

With this in mind, Eagle Training Services NT will mandate the following requirements to ensure not only their legal requirements are met but more importantly, to maximise the safety of all staff, students and anyone who attends their site or courses.

  • ALL Eagle Training Services NT staff will be fully vaccinated having received a first dose by 12 November 2021 and two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine by 24 December 2021.
  • All students, visitors, customers and guests must register their visit by either using the Territory check-in app or by filling out the record of visitors at premises form.

During any period of lockout restrictions being imposed in an applicable area by the Northern Territory Government our currently scheduled courses will continue as scheduled however, ONLY people who are able to show that they are fully vaccinated or that they have been approved as exempt by medical contraindication to all approved COVID-19 vaccinations will be allowed on site. This can be shown by the production of any of the following:

  • Medicare COVID-19 Digital Certificate, Immunisation history statement or letter from a medical practitioner stating the dates on which the person received a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Proof of medical contraindication issued by a medical practitioner that certifies that the worker has a contraindication to all approved COVID-19 vaccinations or a certificate issued by the Commonwealth that certifies that the worker has a contraindication to all approved COVID-19 vaccinations.

During a period of lockdown as a minimum the same conditions applying to lockout restrictions will apply. However, further restrictions may be imposed if it is deemed necessary for the preservation of health and safety to all that maybe attending the site.

If a student is unable to meet with the above requirements they will not be allowed on site until they are able meet the requirements or the restrictions are lifted. Any days lost from training will need to be made up or possibly the entire course recommenced. This opportunity will be made available to the student at no additional charge. The inability to meet with the above requirements will not be grounds for a refund of the course they are enrolled in.

Please understand that it is our primary intention to maintain the safety of everyone that we deal with and secondly to also maintain our legal requirements as per the Chief Health Officer (CHO) Directions.

We trust you will understand and assist us in looking after everyone.


Gary Carter
Managing Director
Eagle Training Services NT Pty Ltd